Healthy Skin: What’s Inflammation Got To Do With it?

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Recently there has been a huge leap forward in understanding what causes skin to age – it centers around inflammation.

This is actually good news!  Conventional wisdom and cosmetic companies alike would have us believe that as we age, our looks and skin “head south”.   We often buy in to the belief system that young skin is healthy skin, and getting older means more expensive cosmetic “miracle” products are necessary.

It’s just not so.   Even as we age, our skin can look better than ever, regardless of     Creative Commons License photo credit: .craig how old we are.  The aging that takes place in our skin is not chronological.  It can be delayed and even reversed with a natural approach.  An optimal diet, lifestyle, supplements ( ASEA) and product choices are key.

Whatever’s going on inside our bodies will show up in our skin.   In order to make improvements in our skin, we have to address inflammation.

This means we have to neutralize free radicals and boost our immune function through good nutrition, supplements and detoxification.   The health of our cells in critical here.  Recent studies have linked oxidative stress with premature aging.  Free radicals and oxidative stress fuel inflammation.   Inflammation fuels aging.   Aging shows up in our skin, and other body systems.

How do we counteract this?  One way is through antioxidants.  They neutralize free radicals and quench minor inflammation.  Since we can’t escape free radicals (they are literally all around us), we must have a constant supply of antioxidant nutrients to keep our skin cells healthy.

ASEA is formulated as a cell communicator.  Improving the communication of our cells is more profound and impactful than nutritional supplements.  It is absolutely fundamental to our body’s health and healing.   For me, it’s a key component in my pursuit of health, longevity and younger looking skin.

ASEA can even be sprayed topically on the skin.  Many people are amazed at the difference it makes in a more youthful appearance.

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