Beyond Supplements to Redox Signaling Molecules

Science is moving beyond supplements – to Redox Signaling Molecules.

Why? Because our cells need to communicate in order to function efficiently and do their job of keeping our immune system strong.  If our cells are healthy then we are healthy.

The problem? Millions of our cells are damaged on a daily basis – whether by lifestyle choices, environment, exercise, poor diet, drinking, and the simple process of aging.  Our cells become less efficient as we age.

Redox signaling is about our cells communicating. When we lose cell efficiency, our cells stop communicating. As we age, these redox signaling molecules (“RSM”) that used to be plentiful when we were young, start to diminish in our bodies.

Our cells protect, repair and replace damaged cells. They do this thru communication. Healthy cells send signals when protection, repair or replacement need to take place. But they can’t, it leads to a lot of damaged cells and that leads to disease.

ASEA replenishes these redox signaling molecules and puts them back into our body.

I want to be clear – ASEA does not cure anything. What it does, is gives our body and cells the opportunity to do what it was intended to do….communicate and function efficiently by providing necessary RSMs.

Redox signaling molecules are natural to our body. Our body manufactures them. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cells and it creates a balanced set of RSM. When you have a plentiful amount of RSM, your immune systems and cells are humming and efficient. When they are not – things start to get out of wack.

Everyone’s physiology is different. But one thing is common for everyone – we all need RSMs in order to have healthy cells that communicate efficiently.

The most powerful antioxidants are actually created by our body – and ASEA – Redox Signaling Molecules.

Athletes are seeing phenomenal results from using ASEA. ASEA has been proven to give athletes a competitive advantage.  ASEA increases time to ventilatory threshold (the point in your workout when your body finds other energy sources because it can’t bring in enough oxygen to fuel your muscles) by an average of 12%, and with some individuals up to 30%.

Unheard of before now – and all 100% naturally with no banned substances!

Pick up the phone. Call me.  Get involved and change your health and financial destiny today.

Call Kate: 203-274-3899

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  • Jeff Wheeldon April 16, 2011, 2:10 AM

    How much Asea does a person need to take daily (not an endurance athlete; just a person who works out several times a week)? I see that you can get them in 4-32 oz. bottles. Just wondering how long that would last. $120 – $150/month is monstrous considering that it’s not a regulated supplement.

    Thank you.

  • CellularHealth April 16, 2011, 10:41 AM

    Hey Jeff,

    I pay $130/month for a case of the 8 oz sport bottles. Asea recommends up to 4 oz per day. If you’re competing, I think a minimum of 4 oz per day is a good baseline, and more on the day of the competition. In my opinion, if you work out several times a week, 2 oz per day will be all you will need. You’ll know as time goes by. For those of us that use ASEA and work out hard, 2 oz keeps my cells dealing with the free radicals generated by my exercise. How do I know? I have absolutely no soreness in my muscles at all. It’s truly amazing stuff!

    Let me know if I can help with further questions.

  • John Lee May 29, 2011, 11:24 AM

    I watched the dvd by the ASEA, titled “ASEA advantage”. Suggested improvement.
    1) The first two segments regarding the founders are ok, but should be presented at the end. Glorifying the men at the beginning can give wrong impression. And you need a narrator to make the whole presentation smooth and kinder. Somebody must rewrite the script and redo the production.
    2) The Science Behind ASEA section must be improved. It shows colorful animation alright, but the show doesn’t help laymen to see what’s going on without narration. Which is the free radical? Which is the redox signaling molecule? Which is the mitochondria? A brilliant show that doesn’t give understanding, but raises questions only, will never convince questioning minds. What’s the purpose of it? That animation makes me feel that the edirot must be inexperienced and careless… or was not paid enough. Why should one produce a DVD that will make the viewers dissatisfied? The editor must know what to do for a better job. He must use a review process to perfect the convincibility of the presentation without offense.
    Please communicate to the top men of the organization. Thank you,

    John Lee
    A frustrated member

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